Cinema Anderson (the Andercon screening room) is sponsored by Network DVD. Studio Anderson is sponsored by Starburst Magazine.



Andercon 2014 gives you the opportunity to get close to the action, bringing together one of the largest displays of original props, models, costumes and production drawings from Gerry’s most iconic shows, alongside some stunning fan recreations, making this the largest Exclusively Anderson convention in the world!

Studio Anderson Special Effects Displays  Production Art
A display of recreated scale studio sets which will evoke the mood and feel of what it would have been like during the filming of classic Anderson productions at the AP studios. Displays will include Rolling Road, Underwater Tank, Brains Lab, Refinery set and The Lounge on Tracy Island (including puppeteer gantry) Saving the world, week after week! Throughout Gerry’s shows and films, audiences enjoyed thrilling rescues, high speed chases, alien incursions, space battles and more. But just how do you make the unbelievable, believable? You’ll see displays of original and specially commissioned sets and props that showcase the impossible! We’re pleased to include production art that spans the entire Anderson catalogue. From basic concept sketches through to full conceptual paintings, many of the items have never been seen on public display. Commercial artists Mike Noble and Lee Sullivan also be displaying their Anderson work across the weekend.
Vehicles Cinema Anderson Offworlders
In addition to the models and props used in many of Gerry’s shows, we’re pleased to showcase a number of vehicles (both scale and full size) that are synonymous with Anderson’s productions.Classic vehicles, instantly recognisable to all – the ultimate in Big Boys Toys! 75 seat cinema showing rare and archive material, privately owned behind the scenes footage, selected Dick Spanner episodes, Terrahawks raw footage, the film Crossroads to Crime and more special treats! We’re off world with the fans of the shows, with stunning collections of Models, Costumes and full size displays, including a stunning recreation of Studio Sets, Reproduction Puppets and special Props.  Fanderson, the Gerry Anderson Fanclub, will also be attending and its a great opportunity to join the club!
Star Signers SuperCosplayCreation Traders Market
The stars of many Gerry Anderson Productions will be reuniting at the event and will be signing autographs and posing for photos with fans. Some guests will charge for a photo or autograph, but worth every penny if meeting one of your heroes! Moonbase Red-Sleeve, or maybe the cool blue of International Rescue’s uniforms… why not show off your creative side and come dressed as your favourite Anderson character? There are prizes for the best costume at the event! Our dealers room, featuring a number of traders and retails, offering a mind boggling array of brand new and vintage collectable merchandise. Books, Comics, DVD’s, Blurays, Keyrings, Toys, Models, Games, Teeshirts… whether you are looking for a specific item to further your collection or just looking to buy some nice Anderson goodies.
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