Friday Launch:  

19:00 for 19:30 start. Phoenix, Midland St. Leicester

19:30             Welcome and introduction
Jamie Anderson welcomes visitors to Andercon, and introduces our celebration of Thunderbirds at 50!

19:45             Tracy Brothers Reunion.
David Graham, Shane Rimmer, Matt Zimmerman and Jeremy Wilkin, reunited on stage and interviewed by Chris Drake

20:15             Nosey Parker Is Go!
A rare big screen presentation of the Thunderbirds pastiche by Jeff Smart

20:30             Influential Anderson.
A look at the influence of Gerry’s work on the TV and film industry, with Jamie Anderson

20:40             A Thunderbird at Bomber Command.
A look back at the life of the man who inspired Gerry Anderson – Sean Feast presents a talk on the life of Lionel Anderson story

21:10              Thunderbirds:
A convention special presentation, celebrating Thunderbirds 50th anniversary with a special HD presentation of Trapped in the Sky, complete with period advert breaks and ATV title cards. 


Doors open at 10.00. Athena, Queen St. Leicester

10.20             Welcome and introduction
Jamie Anderson

10.30             Back to the Beginning.
David Elliot & David Graham, interviewed by Stephen la Riviere and featuring clips from Torchy the Battery Boy, The Adventures of Twizzle and Four Feather Falls

11:00             Scarlet Celebration.
Liz Morgan, Robbie Stevens, Mark Woollard and B Jones, includes CGI Workshop. Includes clips from Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons and, for the very first time New Captain Scarlet in HD.

11:45              Thunderbirds Are Go!
Our celebration of Thunderbirds at 50 continues, and back on the big screen, celebrating the release of the Blu Ray (available to purchase at Andercon ahead of the UK release on Monday) the classic adventure, Thunderbirds Are GO!

13:30             Puppetry, with Richard and Judy.
Workshop on Anderson Puppets – with Richard Gregory and Judy Preece. Includes an exclusibe preview of the Firestorm Ultramarionettes, live on stage!

14:00             The Day After Tomorrow: Into Infinity
Kate Levy introduces this classic space adventure on the big screen

15:00             Anderson Effects.
A look back on the work of Derek Meddings, with Brian Johnson, Dave Palmer, Ken Holt and Robin McDonald. Presented and moderated by Marcus Hearn

15:30             Tracy Brothers Reunion.
David Graham, Shane Rimmer, Matt Zimmerman and Jeremy Wilkin, reunited on stage and interviewed by Chris Drake

16:15              Dick Spanner: The Case of the Missing Episode.
With Terry Adlam and Andrew T Smith, discussing comedy and high drama!

16:45              Cosplay Competition
Saturday heat. Who will win Saturday’s competition?

17:00              Stingray:
Countdown. A classic episode of this Anderson favourite on the big screen, in HD. 


Saturday Evening: Secret Briefing.

19.30 for a 19:40 start. Athena, Queen St. Leicester

19:40             Mission Briefing
Jamie Anderson briefs you on what the future holds

19:45             GF1 Unveiled.
MG Harris and Jamie Anderson on the creation of Gemini Force One. Includes exclusive material. Moderated by Marcus Hearn.

20:15             Terrahawks Live.
The original voice cast with special guests present a one off live audio production of the classic Anderson adventure; Terrahawks! Expect the unexpected? You may be very surprised! It’ll be F.A.B!

20:45             Break

21:00            Top Secret Briefing One: Firestorm Unveiled.
A look behind the scenes at Anderson Entertainment’s newest production

21:15             Top Secret Briefing Two: Space 1999 – Seed of Destruction Remastered.
A convention exclusive and in HD for the first time, this special edition has been remastered in the style of series one, with Barry Gray music and titles (including “THIS EPISODE” sequence). 


Sunday Daytime:

Doors open at 10.00.  Athena, Queen St. Leicester

10:15              Introduction
Jamie Anderson welcomes attendees to the final day of Andercon 2015

10:20             International Rescue Corps video 
Introduced by Willie McMartin, we present a short video on the work of the real life heroes of International Rescue – a team of volunteers who travel the globe in times of crisis. 

10:30             Demeter City’s Finest.
Shane Rimmer, Richard James and Richard Gregory look back at Space Police, Space Police Reloaded, and Space Precinct, including clips and trailers charting the development of the series. 

11:00             Terrahawks Audio Adventures
Nicholas Briggs and the voice cast of the new Audio adventures, together with writers Stephen La Riviere, Andrew T Smith and Terry Adlam on bringing back Terrahawks for a new generation on audio

11:30             Filmed In Supermarionation.
An Andercon Exclusive – the 90 minute Broadcast edit of the Filmed in Supermarionation documentary, ahead of its terrestrial screening. 

13:00             Puppetry, with Richard and Judy
Workshop on Anderson Puppets – with Richard Gregory and Judy Preece look back at the different puppet styles that featured in Gerrys shows,together with Jamie Anderson on the future of Anderson puppetry.

13:30             The Music of Barry Gray.
Marcus Hearn in conversation with music historian Ralph Titterton, with exclusive excerpts from the Barry Gray concert.

14:00             Thunderbird 6
The final part of our celebration of Thunderbirds at 50, on the big screen and also available to purchase at Andercon ahead of the UK Blu-ray release on Monday,  the classic adventure, Thunderbird 6

15:30             UFO Reunion:
Jeremy Wilkin, Ayshea Brough & Georgina Moon are reunited on stage, interviewed by Chris Drake. 

16:15              Cosplay Competition.
Sunday heat – who will win Sunday’s competition?

16:30             The Legacy of Gerry Anderson
What does it mean to be an Anderson Fan in the year 2015, and what does the future hold? With Jamie Anderson and special Guest

16:40             Space 1999 
HD restoration of the classic series 2 episode, Journey To Where,  ahead of its Blu-ray Release. 

 Please note that guests appearance is subject to commitments and may change at very short notice. Programme content may change without notice.

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